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Kate Melvina is a singer, pianist and composer based in Calgary, AB.

Kate was raised in a family of musicians and was surrounded by jazz at an early age. As a child, she quickly became a proficient classical pianist, winning awards in competitions like the Kiwanis Festival. While being able to play technically demanding pieces, her teachers felt the reason Kate was such a gifted pianist was because of her touch and the feeling she put into her songs.


Kate began writing songs as a child and wrote her first song at age 9. In her teen years, she discovered her passion for old soul music and became completely encompassed by it. Her main idol was and will always be Stevie Wonder. Her influences and music reach across many genres - jazz, rnb/soul, latin, electronic, gospel and hip hop. Kate has left audiences stunned by the amount of control, passion and warmth she emits through her voice.   

A crazy love for music, as well as an absolute drive and passion that she puts towards her craft has made her the artist and vocalist she is today. 

Kate is the lead singer, writer, producer and keyboardist for Tendavillage.




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